FHA: Extends Deadlines for DE Mortgagees & Loan Correspondents (12/23/2010)

FinCEN: 7% Increase in Mortgage Fraud (12/15/2010)

Red Flags Rule: Deadline - This time they really mean it! (12/8/2010)

NYS: Leads with Foreclosure Affirmation (10/21/2010)

Short Sales: Fraudulent Practices (9/14/2010)

FHA: HECM "Saver" - Uncorroborated (9/1/2010)

FTC: Red Flags Enforcement Deadline Extended (6/3/2010)

Fannie: New Quality Control Guidelines (6/1/2010)

OTS: New UDAP Exam Procedures (5/10/2010)

FinCEN: Guard Against Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Fraud Schemes (4/29/2010)

FHA: Net Worth and Lender Approval Final Rule Published in Federal Register (4/20/2010)

HAMP: March Loan Modification Report (4/15/2010)

FHA: Net Worth and Lender Approval Advance Issuance Final Rule (4/14/2010)

FHA: HAMP FAQs Revised (4/9/2010)

FHA: 24 Lenders Terminated for High Defaults (4/8/2010)

FHA: Net Worth and Lender Approval Final Rules To Be Issued (4/7/2010)

RESPA: Eighth Update to New RESPA Rule FAQs (4/5/2010)

HUD: Redefines "foreclosed" and "abandoned" Properties (4/5/2010)

FLSA: Loan Officers Lose Administrative Exemption (4/1/2010)

FANNIE: New Quality Control Requirements (3/29/2010)

HUD: FHA and HAMP Mortgage Debt Cut for Troubled Homeowners (3/26/2010)

FHA: Upfront MIP Increases April 5, 2010 (3/25/2010)

FANNIE: HVCC Update (3/22/2010)

HAMP: February Loan Modification Report (3/15/2010)

FHA: Loan Correspondent Renewal Extension to File (3/8/2010)

HUD: PreventLoanScams.org - Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network (2/26/2010)

FFIEC: Mortgage Fraud - White Paper "Detection and Deterrence" (2/26/2010)

FinCEN: Mortgage Loan Update Warns of Foreclosure Rescue Scam Techniques (2/19/2010)

Truth in Lending: No Right to Rescind Unconsummated Loan (2/19/2010)

HUD: Issues HAMP Guidance to Expedite Permanent Modification (1/29/2010)

HAMP: December Loan Modification Report (1/29/2010)

Analysis of Mortgage Servicing Performance Data Report # 4 - January 2010 (1/28/2010)

FHA: New Guidelines - Imminent FHA Borrower Default (1/25/2010)

FHA: Issues Temporary Waiver of Property Flipping Regulation (1/25/2010)

FHA: Issues Extended Procedures: Terminating Underwriting Authority (1/21/2010)

FinCEN: Issues New CIP Policy for ACP Accounts (1/21/2010)

FHA: Announces Important Policy Changes (1/20/2010)

FHA: Probes "Excessive Default" Mortgagees (1/19/2010)

VA: Issues New RESPA Rule Guidance (1/11/2010)

HUD: Issues REVISED Settlement Cost Booklet (1/8/2010)