Missing the Registration Renewal Deadline -
Toolbox for Registration Renewals (12/27/11)

OCC Issues Foreclosure Guidance - Part II (12/16/11)

OCC Issues Foreclosure Guidance - Part I (12/15/11)

CFPB: Issues Consumer Fraud Alert (12/9/11)

OCC and OTS: Policy Integration (12/9/11)

Toolbox for NMLS License Renewals (12/8/11)

OCC: Fixing Deficient Foreclosure Practices (11/30/11)

NMLS Online Pages (11/29/11)

2012 NMLS Streamlined Renewal Process (11/22/11)

FHA: Issues FAQs for recent Mortgagee Letters (11/21/11)

Appraisal Institute: Seeks Clarity in Settlement Disclosure Form (11/18/11)

New Mortgage Servicing Practices (11/14/11)

VA Issues National Survey - VA Home Loans (11/10/11)

CFPB: Issues "Early Warning Notice" Procedures (11/8/11)

Dismantling the Dodd-Frank "Myths" (11/1/11)

CFPB: Monitoring Elder Abuse (10/28/11)

CFPB: Presentation on Consumer Complaints Portal (10/20/11)

CFPB: Issues Mortgage Disclosure Update (10/19/11)

FRB: Issues Flood Insurance FAQs and Proposed Revisions (10/18/11)

CFPB: Issues Supervision and Examination Manual (10/17/11)

FinCEN: Fraud and Mortgage Rescue Schemes (10/13/11)

OCC: Resecuritizing the RMBS Portfolio (9/30/11)

FinCEN: Mortgage Fraud Report - Upward Trend (9/29/11)

CFPB: Seeks Clearance to Fund Disclosure Research (9/26/11)

NMLS: Continuing Education for 2011 (State Charts) (9/21/11)

MERS, Fraudulent Practices, and TILA Time Limits to Foreclosure (9/15/11)

CFPB: Monitors Financial Products to Servicemembers (9/6/11)

FTC: Adopts New Rules Banning Deceptive Mortgage Advertising (9/2/11)

HUD: Trial Payment Plans for Modifications and Claims (8/24/11)

NMLS: Mortgage Call Report - Common Mistakes

NMLS: MLO Test - Retake Policy (8/18/11)

CFPB: Coordinating Consumer Complaints (8/16/11)

HUD: Administrative Actions - Avoiding the Mortgagee Review Board (8/4/2011)

Alternative Mortgage Transaction Parity Act (AMTPA) (7/25/2011)

Adverse Action and Risk-Based Disclosures (Final Rules) (7/19/2011)

FRB: Mortgage Rulemaking Chart 2008 - 2011 (7/14/2011)

HUD: Updates RESPA (7/12/2011)

CFPB: Defining "Larger Participant" (7/8/2011)

CFPB: Heat Maps and Mortgage Disclosure (7/5/2011)

S.A.F.E Act - Final Rule: Minimum Standards (7/1/2011)

FAQs Outline-Loan Originator Compensation (Version 16) (6/27/2011)

FAQs Outline-Loan Originator Compensation (Update) (6/13/2011)

OTS and OCC Synchronizing (6/8/2011)

FAQs Outline-Loan Originator Compensation (Update) (6/6/2011)

CFPB: Announces Forthcoming Rules Transfer (6/3/2011)

FAQs Outline-Loan Originator Compensation (Update) (5/31/2011)

Combining the GFE and TIL Disclosures (5/20/2011)

FAQs Outline-Loan Originator Compensation (Update) (5/18/2011)

TILA Examination Procedures - Revised! (5/10/2011)

FAQs Outline-Loan Originator Compensation (Update) (5/5/2011)

FAQs Outline-Loan Originator Compensation (Update) (4/25/2011)

Ability to Repay - Additional Analysis (4/21/2011)

FRB: Proposes Rule - Ability to Repay (4/19/2011)

FAQs Outline-Loan Originator Compensation (Update) (4/18/2011)

FAQs Outline-Loan Originator Compensation (Update) (4/11/2011)

Mortgage Call Report Workshop - NMLS Offers Training (4/6/2011)

FAQs Outline-Loan Originator Compensation (Update) (4/5/2011)

FinCEN: 2010 Mortgage Fraud Report (3/29/2011)

FAQs Outline-Loan Originator Compensation (Update) (3/28/2011)

FAQs Outline-Loan Originator Compensation (Now Available!) (3/21/2011)

Appraiser Independence Requirements - AIRs on 4/1/11 (3/8/2011)

"Repeal-But-Don't-Replace" - Ending Foreclosure Programs (3/7/2011)

FRB: Proposes HPML Escrow Requirements (3/4/2011)

FRB: Publishes HPML Final Rule (3/4/2011)

HUD: Reinstates Emergency Relief (3/4/2011)

Risk-Based Pricing and Adverse Action Disclosures (3/2/2011)

FRB: "Jumbo" Escrow Accounts - Final & Proposed Rules (2/25/2011)

FinCEN: Elder Abuse - Red Flags (2/23/2011)

OCC: "Foreclosure Irregularities" (2/17/2011)

Mortgage Call Reports Commence (2/7/2011)

HUD: Revises SCRA Foreclosure Protection Notice (2/7/2011)

FHA: Extends 'Anti-Flipping Waiver' (2/3/2011)

SBA - 2nd Request to Postpone New LO Compensation Rules (2/1/2011)

FRB's Loan Officer Compensation "Guidance" (1/31/2011)

Privacy & GLBA: Model Forms (1/20/2011)

HECMs: February 1, 2011 Date Approaches (1/17/2011)

NMLS: MLO Registration to Commence (1/13/2011)

CFPB: Signs Memorandum with CSBS (1/13/2011)

FHA: Connects to the NMLSR (1/10/2011)

FHA: Updates Quality Control Requirements (1/7/2011)

Mortgage Performance Metrics: A Quick Look (1/5/2011)

New Risk Based-Pricing Rules (1/3/2011)