Throwing a Lifesaver to Underwater Borrowers (12/6/12)

CFPB and FTC: Warning Letters - Misleading Advertisements (11/21/12)

CFPB: Mortgage Originator Violations (11/7/12)

CFPB: Compliance Management System (11/6/12)

FinCEN: SAR Narrative, PowerPoint, and Mortgage Loan Fraud (11/5/12)

CFPB's Five Year Strategic Plan (10/22/12)

HUD's HECM HERMIT (10/9/12)

CFPB's Company Portal for Consumer Complaints (10/4/12)

CFPB Proposes New Servicing Rules - TILA (10/1/12)

CFPB Proposes New Servicing Rules - RESPA (9/26/12)

HUD: Causes of Administrative Actions (9/13/12)

Appraisals and APR for Higher-Risk Mortgages (8/30/12)

Mortgage Fraud and SARs (8/23/12)

CFPB: Schedule of Rulemaking Initiatives (8/1/12)

Elder Financial Abuse (7/23/12)

Disclosure Integration, High Cost, and Counseling (7/17/12)

CFPB: Treatment of Privileged Information - Final Rule (7/9/12)

CFPB: Next Up, Reverse Mortgages! (7/3/12)

Mortgage Servicing Practices: Change of Station Orders (7/2/12)

Mortgage Fraud in California, Nevada, and Florida (6/28/12)

FHA Streamlines: Indemnifications (6/13/12)

CFPB: Re-Opening "Ability-to-Repay" (6/6/12)

CFPB's "Notice of Reasonable Cause" (6/4/12)

Contacting HUD by Phone, Email, and Online (5/21/12)

The SAR catches a RAT (5/10/12)

Request the CFPB Compendium (4/25/12)

Fair Lending Compliance - Some Red Flags (4/23/12)

FTC: Issues New Consumer Privacy Guidelines (4/5/12)

CFPB: SAFE ACT Examination Procedures (3/30/12)

FinCEN: SAR Confidentiality (3/21/12)

CFPB: Treatment of Privileged Information (3/20/12)

NMLS: 2011 Licensing Report (3/12/12)

Action Plans to Correct Deficiencies (3/9/12)

FHA: Avoiding the Mortgagee Review Board (3/5/12)

CFPB: Defining "Larger Participant" (2/27/12)

CFPB's New "Feedback Tool" (2/17/12)

FHA: Updates Lender Insurance Program (2/1/12)

CFPB: Establishes the ROAM Database (1/30/12)

NMLS: MLO Testing Handbook - 2012 (1/23/12)

CFPB: Nonbank Supervision Program (1/12/12)

Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure (1/11/12)

OCC: Correcting Foreclosure Practices (1/9/12)